We specialise in Laser Tattoo Removal with the most advanced technology, providing quality treatment for men and woman. Ink Off Laser Tattoo Removal have a YAG lasers, the newest member of the Q-Switched class of lasers, to remove tattoos with extremely low risk of scarring. We also provide facial, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, wrinkle reduction, vascular and thread vein, psoriasis/acne & hair removal and reduction treatments. We have clinics in both Mount Maunganui and Hamilton.

We offer professional laser tattoo removal using the most advanced technology. We’re also specialists in facial, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, wrinkle reduction, vascular and thread vein, psoriasis/acne & hair removal and reduction treatments. Find out more about our treatments here.


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“I decided to go for tattoo removal when my children turned 5 and 7. I wanted to be an active mother in their education and joined the PTA and didn’t feel comfortable and confident showing up at meetings with a tattoo on my right hand breast which was exposed during the summer seasons. I looked at different ways of tattoo removal and enquired with a few options and then went into Ink Off for a free consultation and they explained the easy process and all that was involved. I felt no pressure and made my decision with in a few days and I’m very happy with the results and the treatment process. My tattoo is nearly gone, and if I hadn’t found them, I know my confidence would have been gone! The process was easy and I would recommend this company to anyone who is thinking of tattoo removal.” Mother of Two // Laser Tattoo Removal


“After having grief from my co-workers I decided to remove my ex-girlfriends name off me. I had had this for years and presumed that it would be really expensive to take off and thought the only way was taking to the tattoo myself. One of my friends told me about Tattoo removal in Tauranga so thought it would be harmless to phone and enquire. I had a free consultation and starting having treatments I and was surprised how affordable it was. I am so glad, I’m stoked to be free from my past, and my new lady is happy too.” Forestry Worker // Laser Tattoo Removal


“After having kids I found I was left with a dark pregnancy mask, and it was suggested I try facial laser treatment and haven’t looked back. The treatments are quick and painless and with instant results even after the first session, I am over the moon with the results. I have clearer, brighter skin and now don’t have the need wear my daily concealer. This is my best kept beauty secret.” Emma Parsons // Laser Therapy


“I was really happy to hear about Ink Off, as I’m in a job where my tattoo is exposed and body image is important to me. When I was 17 I made a regretful decision to get a tattoo on my arm and it wasn’t until I sobered up that I panicked and realised I’d marked my body for life. So when it came to choosing a career I had to really think, and the main deciding point was: would this job be ok with the ugly tattoo. I ended up becoming a sports instructor, but always wore sleeves! Thanks to Ink Off I’m a very happy man now. Ink Off knows what they are doing and I would recommend you give them a call if you are considering tattoo removal.” Personal Trainer // Laser Tattoo Removal